Premiere: “For Everything That You Lost” by Jambinai

Expressing consolation via their traditional Korean instruments and the beauty of Jeju Island

South Korean trio Jambinai—equipped with the country’s expressive traditional instruments—pluck, bow and breathe fury and drama into their experimental post-rock music. While the members showed off their technical prowess in the performance video for head-banger “They Keep Silence,” Jambinai’s music video for their measured instrumental track “For Everything That You Lost”—premiering on CH today—is more ruminative, focusing on the unusual textures and colors found in nature.

The footage was shot largely in Jeju Island, South Korea’s most scenic tourist destination revered for its rich biosphere, with a few clips of Seoul in between. “We exist altogether or individually in the same world and age,” director Oh Geun Jae (who also did the video for “They Keep Silence”) tells CH. “But we often forget that we all live together and [receive the] same rain beneath one sky. When people hear the words ‘For everything that you lost,’ mostly they imagine the specific something from their own sense of loss. But I think that ‘Something around us that we [are] unconcerned with’ is also something we lost. I think Jambinai wants to give you the consolation about that.”

A Hermitage releases 17 June on Bella Union Records (Ezra Furman, Emmy the Great, M Ward); vinyl and CD pre-order available online.

Images courtesy of Jambinai