Scientists Plan to Uncover Yorkshire’s Sunken “Atlantis”

Daniel Parsons, a professor of sedimentology who leads the University of Hull’s Energy and Environment Institute, plans to utilize high-resolution sonar systems (along with insight from local fisherman) to uncover the sunken port town of Ravenser Odd. This ancient village was destroyed in the 14th century due to weather-induced coastal erosion, and studies of similar circumstances in the Bay of Naples have revealed that “towns aren’t simply washed away; they leave evidence of their presence on the seabed,” according to Candida Moss at The Daily Beast. Parsons’ quest is more than the search for one “Atlantis” off the coast of England. From pondering other discoverable lost cities (such as those of India, Egypt and Turkey) to reinforcing the dangers of climate change, the implications are many. Read more about Ravenser Odd and other legendary destinations at The Daily Beast.

Image courtesy of Getty