“Short Journeys” Film Series

Subtly branded films that highlight the car's features with universal, human stories

Sponsored by Cadillac

Directed by Dutch-born Sam de Jong, a new film series entitled “Short Journeys” includes four shorts that each focus on very human relationships—with the world around us, our loved ones, and ourselves. In a first for Cadillac, these films were produced for the auto legend, yet (unlike so much brand-geared content) work as standalone pieces that contain universal themes for those living and working in busy cities; attempting to find a sense of peace in all aspects of their lives.

Through a psychological twist in “Ladybird,” which cleverly showcases the Escalade’s 142 LED headlights, and the way in which a 34-speaker Bose Panaray Sound System can create a cocoon in your car, de Jong has crafted vignettes that are dramatic, humorous, endearing and relatable. Other films discreetly and intelligently showcase the CTS-V’s driver selectable modes and the rear camera mirror, conveying information while engaging the viewer by enveloping it into a narrative that’s entirely captivating.

Our pick (perhaps because it shines the spotlight on one of our favorite Cadillacs) is “A Sense of Self” in which the hero has a minor identity crisis while waiting for his date to arrive. In a highly relatable discussion with himself, he performs different versions of himself—also a smart way to draw parallels with the CTS-V’s driver selectable modes.

When driving the CTS-V ourselves—while we didn’t have a personality crisis—we enjoyed trialling the different modes. From Tour (which provides precise handling), to Sport (a more engaging and exciting drive) to Track, which is for full-on performance, each mode has its time and place. No matter what, though, the car offers raw American power in a lovely luxury package. Just like our hero in “A Sense of Self,” the car is at its best as its true self.

Perhaps the themes throughout the series of films—themes of finding a sense of calm, peace and sanctuary—seems counterintuitive considering the high-powered Cadillacs they are showcasing. But, cleverly, the team behind the films has managed to balance the raw energy with the creature comforts and escape these vehicles offer.

To see all four short films in the series, visit “Short Journeys” online or watch below.

Images courtesy of Cadillac