Shotgun Wedding Volume 4


It's a gender battle between New York-based DJs Syrup Girls and Drop the Lime on this grime-heavy latest in the Shotgun Wedding series put out by Violent Turd, a sublabel of Tigerbeat6. Both vets of drum & bass scenes, Drop the Lime and the Syrup duo face-off on two tracks. Drop the Lime's three-turntable feat relentlessly mixes old school jungle, crunk, dubstep, and hip-hop, finishing off with ethereal Billie Holiday acapellas. When the girls take over, they bring an equally dirty blend of UK 4×4 garage, favela funk, and grime that's a high-energy answer to Drop the Lime's dark sound. Throughout the album, fans of Dizzee Rascal (who both DJs have opened for), M.I.A., Fannypack, Salt n' Pepa, and Gwen Stefani will recognize samples. It's a marriage made in heaven.

Check out the release party this Thursday, 26 January, at Rothko in NYC when they go up against UK-based DJs Plasticman, Jammer, and Skepta. See the flyer after the jump.

Pick up the CD ($7) from Tigerbeat6.