Steve Powers: Street Art


Do you really need a white cube to show art? Is a great painting sitting on a street corner still a great painting? Can someone make something new happen in an art world where everybody has seen everything already?

Steve Powers, armed with enough gallery and museum credentials to stuff a resume (he's a graffiti writer, author of The Art Of Getting Over and First and Fifteenth: Pop Art Short Stories, co-proprietor of The Indelible Market / Street Market and more) is betting all he needs to have a successful fall show in New York is eight feet of concrete sidewalk.

This Saturday, 11 November 2006, starting at 11am, the populist artist will show 20 new paintings on the corner of West Broadway at Prince Street, including "You and Me" (pictured right), which is also available as a print in an edition of 50, and "Puzzle" (pictured here), until all the works are gone.