Sydney Garden Gnome House


This isn't an outdoor art installation, but it is still somewhat curated. Or maybe hoarded is a better description. Somewhere in the inner western suburb of Sydney's Summer Hill, a brightly-colored collection of garden gnomes sits on display. The owner of the home is yet to be seen, but there are hundreds of gnomes, side by side, all with equally dopey expressions on their faces and accompanied by a second fixation, caterpillar soft toys. There are so many gnomes, the garden is no longer visible. Maybe it's an Amélie style prank that has just piled up over the years?


Mildly fascinated and entertained by the ever growing collection, I decided to make my own contribution one afternoon when a cheery looking garden gnome appeared at the local op shop for the bargain price of $1. Big blue bow tied neatly around its neck, it was ready for dispatch. But on arrival, it appeared that the gnome collector already had five of the exact same type.