Tallulah Rendall’s Viral Vinyl


When releasing a single in these digitally-enhanced yet nostalgia-hungry days, the question is often whether to go romantically retro on vinyl or to keep up with the times and opt for the free download? The British singer-songwriter Tallulah Rendall clearly couldn't decide, instead opting for both. Next week Tallulah will release "Only You," the first single from her upcoming album Libellus. Her ingenious little plan marries the pleasure of the physical object with the immediate satisfaction of the digital.

The idea of the viral vinyl is that each person who walks through the door of Bush Hall on 6 August 2008 will receive the vinyl single wrapped in beautiful artwork with a little story attached. Each record comes with a unique download number that the recipient can then pass onto friends. Tallulah says that she likes the idea of making the process of releasing a single "more magical, whereby each owner becomes involved and feels special. The people whose code gets used the most will receive a free album when released."

We love this creative viral marketing concept which packages old and new technology together, taking advantage of the benefits of both. Oh, and by the way the music is pretty good too! To download your own copy of "Only You" starting on 6 August 2008 click on this link.

Tallulah Rendall
6 August 2008
Bush Hall
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Hammersmith, London
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tel. +44 (0) 208 222 6955