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Tei Shi: GRIP

NYC-based Colombian-Canadian artist Tei Shi returns with her first new music since her second album, La Linda (2021), was released and then pulled when her record label failed to compensate her. The singer-songwriter crafted “GRIP” as a response to the ordeal, and while there’s a tension to the track, it also illustrates Tei Shi’s emancipation. As she explains, “I wrote this song during the culmination of nearly two years of fighting to get my old label to pay me, and everyone else who had worked on my last album, for our work. Eventually I had to resort to getting the album taken down from streaming platforms and posting publicly about it to finally get paid. While all this was going on I was working with a new team, with whom I ended up finding myself in the same situation, all over again. Feeling exhausted and helpless, the only thing I could channel my frustration and rage into was making music, and this song came out of that.”


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