Tetrode Kink


Atonal, noisy rock that's difficult to categorize, Melbourne band, Tetrode Kink, was formed in late 2005 by five unlikely lads who felt compelled to fuse their talent and tastes to create noise. The Australian band is fast gaining a cult following amongst lovers of rock, punk and indie noise alike. From the darkest dungeon back rooms in pubs through to center stage at Melbourne's hidden-alley bars, the band are making an undeniable impact on a city within which underground music is rampant. An original and unique approach married with experimental technique and skill, Tetrode Kink create the type of music that could easily be aligned with Sonic Youth, Swans and the No Wave movement. Taking to a cabin in the hills this month, the quintet of video editors, graphic designers and electronic engineers, will record the finishing touches to their debut album set for release 2008. To pre-order a copy email tetrodekink [at] gmail [dot] com