The Dolls “Summer of ’93”

The dynamic DJ and violinist release their first single and offer up album art designed by Curtis Kulig


Yesterday, The Dolls, a New York-based original music collaboration between international DJ Mia Moretti and violinist Margot Moe released their first single, “Summer of ’93.” The track, available for free download, bounces along with pleasant nostalgia. It’s danceable, pretty and prepared to usher in the the summer of 2013 with ease. Sampling from Arthur Russell and incorporating Moe’s vocals and violins, the single balances reverence with today’s aesthetics.


Moretti and Moe sit at the crossroads of original music, performance and the DJ and remix worlds, while occasionally flaring up as art and fashion fixtures. Their collaboration was born from Moretti’s realization while DJing that she would like to incorporate live performance. Producing original content became the next natural step. Harkening back to DJ roots, it made sense to the duo that an album release would best be supported by a remix package. Calling upon the likes of Major Lazer’s Jillionaire and Eli Escobar, Sumer of ’93 can be heard and heard again, cast in the musical light of many different hands. The track, much like the band itself, reflects collaboration across all fronts.


In an ode to the ’90s, and to celebrate the release of their debut single, The Dolls invite you to share your favorite memory from the summer of 1993 via social media. As a token of appreciation for sharing, they’re giving away 10 limited edition “Summer of ’93” posters, designed and signed by New York’s “love me” artist Curtis Kulig, who also created their album art. Each poster is eight-color silkscreen printed, pulled on premises at Salvation Recording Co. of New Paltz, New York, and hand-numbered on 11″x14″ 90 lb. paper. Simply hashtag #summerof93 and #thedolls on Instagram, Tumblr or Twitter to submit.

Images courtesy of The Dolls