The GIF Show


The GIF show at Rx Gallery in San Francisco elevates an art form more disposable and as ubiquitous as the doodle. Filled with videos, prints, readymades, sculptures, and animations executed in the same medium as those infuriating porn banners, the GIF show opens tonight, 3 May 2006, and runs through 9 June 2006, exploring the aesthetic texture and "broader social life" of graphic interchange format (or GIFs) in recent years.

Participating artists all have some fascination with the visual overload of personal Geocities-type websites—which now outnumber the population of China and India combined. Paul Slocum transforms circuit boards into something recalling Joseph Cornell’s boxes, Jim Punk makes disconcerting collage GIF animations, and Olia Lialin's work simply throw the mind off kilter. Cory Arcangel, one of the bigger names in the exhibition (who is also set to release "8-bit", a full-length documentary about the global influence of video games later this year), shows breadth and variation in his work (pictured), adding context to the exhibit without overpowering other pieces.

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Contributed by Kristopher Irizarry

The GIF Show
Opening 3 May 2006, 6-10pm
Rx Gallery
132 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA map