Revisiting the New Yorker’s Coverage of the Apollo 11 Landing

In the Talk of the Town section of The New Yorker’s 26 July 1969 issue, reporters visited eight moon-landing parties—and documented the excitement that unfolded. From 50th Street and Sixth Avenue to the headquarters of NBC at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, audiences tuned in to the incredible quest and watched anxiously as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin ventured into the unknown. Spliced with footage from the moon, The New Yorker details intimate reactions otherwise unseen. One scene in particular unfolds in a Harlem bar, between a bartender and lousy customer who wants to leave the jukebox on rather than watch. She says to him, “Be quiet. You’re full of nothin’ but Seagram’s Gin. I want to see the men walking on the moon.” Read more at The New Yorker.