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Gift Guide: 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11’s Moon Landing

Inspiring items to commemorate one of our greatest cosmic advancements

In July 1969, NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins boarded the Saturn V SA-506 rocket headed from Earth to the moon. On 20 July, Armstrong and Aldrin landed the Apollo Lunar Module on the moon’s surface and took a mid-afternoon stroll—making them the first humans ever to set foot on the moon’s dry, rocky and very distant surface. Our collective obsession with the moon didn’t end there. Through music, film, astronomy, astrology, science and beyond, humans continue to be fascinated by our natural satellite. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing—and what it meant to people all over the world—we have rounded up some of our favorite lunar-themed products.

Sun and Moon

Beginning with some of civilization’s first sketches of objects in the sky and ending with some of our most high-definition satellite imagery, Sun and Moon ($80) is a thrilling catalog of important cosmic discoveries. Assembled by Mark Holborn and published by Phaidon, the book presents how we’ve used photography and cartography to explore space and time (and our ever-changing understanding of them) over thousands of years. With its publish coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Sun and Moon gives new (and old) insight to curious readers.

The Polycarbonate Carry-On: Space Edition

This limited edition line of rolling suitcases from Arlo Skye is “inspired by the future of space exploration.” Available in three versions—”Moon Shot,” “Team Human” and “Occupy Mars”—this sleek silver carry-on ($450) resembles something that’d be towed into outer space. There’s a 10,050 mAh removable charger on board, USB C & A ports available on top, and it boasts 39.5L capacity inside. Best of all, the polycarbonate exterior sheds the extra weight that bulkier materials otherwise add—when empty, it only weighs 8.5 lbs.

NASA Space Mug

Featuring NASA’s superior logo—the Worm—AstroReality’s Space Mug ($30) is a portal to the cosmos, and a nod to the often irregular shapes of satellites and spacecrafts. Using AR’s augmented reality app, you can look down at Earth (which is 500 million square kilometers away) through the bottom of the mug. Hover the app over the cup’s interior and a window will appear: you’ll be able to see the Amazon Rainforest, Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland, the Himalayas, Grand Canyon and much more. And, when you’re not exploring Earth from above, the ceramic mug doubles as an excellent vessel for coffee or tea.

Controllers Print

British mixed media artist Joe Webb combines found images to make otherworldly, cosmic scenes. For “Controllers” (£395)—a four-color screenprint made in an edition of 75 with Jealous Gallery)—Webb plays with proportions and skews the viewer’s perception, placing an astronaut high above Earth but in the sightline of suited men behind a control board. The sky is covered in a black diamond dust overlay—replicating millions of stars—and the piece is printed on 410gsm paper stock. With each purchase, a tree is planted in Madagascar, thanks to a partnership with Eden Projects.

1,000 Piece Moon Puzzle

1,000 pieces comprise this moon jigsaw ($25) puzzle by artist and quilter Lindsay Stead. The first release from her new Four Point Puzzles brand, it measures out to 26.5″ in diameter when complete. With massive swathes of purely grey space, it will challenge even the quickest minds. But, in the process, you’ll become a master of the moon’s surface—all in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing there.

Speedmaster Moonwatch Anniversary Limited Series

This magnificent “18k Moonshine gold” Moonwatch Anniversary Limited Series ($34,600) timepiece commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission, during which astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong each wore an Omega Speedmaster. Limited to 1,014 pieces, the 42mm watch features an Omega 3861 manual-winding movement, visible through an exposed caseback. It’s a beautiful, meaningful watch with precise functionality. Contact an Omega boutique about availability.

Moon — The Area of Influence

Legendary DJ/producer/composer Jeff Mills (aka The Wizard) is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing by releasing a conceptual album inspired by the moon. Available as a double-LP (or on CD), the record, called Moon — The Area of Influence ($28), will be made up of Mills’ nuanced, cinematic and Detroit-rooted techno. In his words, “This album and the imagination that helped to produce it should be considered as a proposition with open-endedness and no foreseeable conclusion. It is a chemistry of facts and feelings based on then, now and forever.” Set for release 19 July, it’s available for pre-order now.

NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Set

Made in collaboration with NASA, LEGO’s homage to Apollo 11’s endeavor ($100) is intended for individuals over 16 years old. It includes a complex lunar lander to assemble, a semi-realistic depiction of the surface of the moon to situate it on, two golden helmet-adorned figures to place and countless exterior features to manipulate. When complete, the final product is a nostalgia-laden depiction of those famed first steps.

P-Moon T-Shirt

London-based Palace Skateboards fuses their italicized “P” logo with a gradient moon motif on a 100% cotton T-shirt ($75) that celebrates the vast unknown as much as it does the city streets. With “Spaced Out” printed in a font that harkens back to ’80s video games, this T-shirt feels delightfully bygone and simultaneously retro-futuristic.

CH Edition Starfleet Machine

The mastermind behind horological design house MB&F, Max Büsser’s distinct timepieces represent mind-bending innovation and eccentric inspiration, all hand-crafted, in an industry that more often than not sticks to its roots. Several years ago, Büsser partnered with Switzerland’s oldest clockmaker, L’Epée 1839, and created the Starfleet Machine. Then CH collaborated on the Cool Hunting Editions Starfleet Machine, with a signature Geneva Blue dome and indicators. Within, there’s a palladium-treated brass movement that boasts a remarkable power reserve of 40 days, and the stunning piece features 48 jewels. Made in edition of just 10, there is just one left. Contact us for purchase information.

Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual

For those interested in understanding the inner-workings of Apollo 11’s mission to the moon, Phil Dollings and Christoper Riley’s Owners’ Manual ($25) affords insight previously seen by those working on the mission. From diagrams of rockets and command modules to details of suits worn by the crew and instructions on how to fly Apollo 11, there’s a bounty of information to peruse.

Silk NASA Dress

Crafted from sand-washed silk habotai with satellite images printed all over, RÆBURN’s flowing NASA dress ($399) documents the environmental changes due to climate change. The oversized dress features slits on either side and a v-neck, and is a loose, lightweight option that will transcend seasons. The brand uses the same NASA images on plenty more garments too—shorts, pants, coats and accessories for all genders. Each is made to order and delivered within one to two weeks after ordering.

Moon Rocks Chocolate Bar

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Seattle Chocolate and The Museum of Flight concocted an out-of-this-world bar ($5). Featuring a delightfully rich and creamy milk chocolate truffle base and popping rock candy, it’s a playful treat that’s drenched in nostalgia—right down to the Jessica Allen-designed packaging.

Apollo 11 Sweater

Plucked from The Shining, Camp Kitschy Knits’ custom replica sweaters ($59) are appropriate articles of clothing for the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s moon landing. For kids, the sweaters run from 2T to 14 and each is made to order—which requires four to six weeks to knit and then ship.

C1 Moonglow with Milanese Bracelet

Using the brand’s in-house modified Calibre JJ04 automatic moon phase movement, Christopher Ward’s 40.5mm C1 Moonglow watch ($1,970) keeps the time and carefully guides two illuminated 3D moons around the dial. With a stark black face, punctuated by white hour and minute hands and a red seconds hand, the watch is undoubtedly dignified. Just like the Apollo 11 landing, which it commemorates, the timepiece features plenty of technical innovation. In the dark, the moon, hands and indicators glow boldly thanks to the Grade X1 GL C1 Super-LumiNova coating.

Hero image courtesy of Joe Webb


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