The Swedish Model

By Mike Giles


We are all fed up with the cat and mouse game when it comes to the legalities of current music distribution models and file sharing. The Swedish Model is an organization that consists of seven Swedish indie record labels working together to restore focus on the creation of music rather than the distribution of music in the digital age. A worthy cause, the Swedish Model arranges festivals, seminars and lectures to discuss the future of the music business and provides listeners with a way to explore great Swedish music.

We met with North American Operations Manager Jonas Edvinsson to ask him a few questions, learn more about The Swedish Model, his role with the company and any future plans.

How did you get involved and what is your role with The Swedish Model?
I've been working in the music scene since I was a teenager. I’m an electronic producer, DJ and have managed labels, distribution, etc., so I know many of these guys pretty well, and love them all. When I got married earlier this year and decided to move to Canada I approached them, crossed my fingers and got the deal! Now I'm operating The Swedish Model in North America.


What bands or acts are represented by The Swedish Model?
We're currently involved with over 40 different artists, all Swedish. The first wave we are concentrating on is Division of Laura Lee—a cult Fugazi-style rock band with an upcoming fourth album, Andreas Tilliander—best techno/dub/electro-producer in Sweden since the 90s, also known as Mokira, Lowfour or Familjen, The Fine Arts Showcase—Malmö-rock with Gustaf Kjellvander, Moto Boy—a magical atmospheric act, The Bethlehem Beard Corporation, Marions and Boeos Kaelstigen—a young, sweaty, techno/trance-duo.

What barriers are there when it comes to promoting Swedish music abroad?
Luckily there aren’t any! People love Sweden and our music. I was hanging out with Peter, Bjorn & John after their latest gig in Montréal and we were talking about how Canada and North America always treats Swedish bands so well. We usually focus on tours just south of the Canadian border, we haven’t ventured too far south as yet but look out Texas, we will be there one day!

What's you favorite band or label that you represent?
Division of Laura Lee and Andreas Tilliander have a great reputation and well established audiences so they are very satisfying to work with. I’ve been surprised lately about the new-found attention for Moto Boy, who has such a cool song writing style and amazing voice. Also the guy behind Bethlehem Beard Corporation, at only 15-years-old, has started to raise many eyebrows.


How can a reader gain access to the music?
If you are in Canada you can support your local record dealer by paying them a visit, otherwise you buy tracks on iTunes or other favorite online retailers. If you decide to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or through our newsletter we are very generous with free downloads of singles and remixes.

For more information on the organization, labels involved and bands represented by The Swedish Model, visit their website.