The Virgins on VBS.TV


Much like CHV, Practice Space, a series on Vice's newly-launched VBS.TV gives viewers a little more than MTV-style gloss, so we were excited to see the extremely likable NYC band The Virgins as one of the first to be featured. The episode follows Vice host Woodrow Morton to a Manhattan studio for an informal interview that's as interesting for the group's mannerisms and demeanor as it is for what's actually said. Camerawork of the rehearsal is like what an artsy high school student would shoot—in a good way—with close-ups of lead Donald Cumming's guitar work and shots of knick-knacks perched on equipment. The only disappointment is that the piece ends before the band finishes the sweetly garage-tinged pop song. Don't they know that one of the best ways to judge music is by song endings?