More than 270 years later, Handel’s “Theodora” Returns to Covent Gardens

When George Frideric Handel’s oratorio Theodora was performed at London’s Royal Opera House in 1750, it was snubbed; perceived at the time to be a blemish within the esteemed Baroque-era composer’s portfolio. In 2022, this is no longer the case. The now-praised composition is returning to Covent Garden after more than 270 years, with a modern-day feminist retelling produced by Katie Mitchell. Where the original drama was about Christian martyr Theordora under a despotic Roman regime, the new performance will see Theordora as a religious fundamentalist plotting against the Roman occupation. Sung in the 1750 English libretto by Thomas Morell, the revisited Theodora (on view now until 16 February) finally welcomes back the masterpiece. Learn more about it at The Economist.

Image courtesy of Camilla Greenhill