Thomas Cohen: Bloom Forever

Five-piece rock band S.C.U.M called it quits in 2013 (after the release of just one album in 2011) so members could pursue solo projects. Lead singer Thomas Cohen had begun writing solo material—releasing the single “Honeymoon” along the way—and is now ready to offer the collection of songs to the world. It’s significant to note that during the writing process, the unthinkable occurred: his wife Peaches Geldof passed away at the too-young age of 25. The tragedy will inextricably be tied to this upcoming album, Bloom Forever, but even without that context, Cohen’s songs are sure to stir up feelings—he’s got a distinctive voice that sighs out tension, affection and tenderness in the title track, also “Bloom Forever.” It’s about the birth of his second son, the uniquely named Phaedra Bloom Forever.