Top Five Sexiest of 2007

Fetish by David Lynch and Christian Louboutin
Shoes, scarlet, flesh, velvet, shadows, France and fetish—really what more could you want from these two masters of their mediums? Lynch and Louboutin create a sensation with this collaborative project.


Zoë Walker and Neil Bromwich: Siege Weapons of Love
Sexy, funny but also slightly scary, these cartoonish inflatable pink phalli make a strong statement against the sexual perversity inherent in all forms of organized violence.


Jeff Bark: Woodpecker
Bark's beautiful, sensual photographs look like dramatically lit old masters paintings, but on closer reflection have a darker, more sinister side.


Ultimate Member Limited Vibrators
A cartoonist, an exclusive nightclub and the purveyor of deluxe sex toys collaborate to bring us pleasure via Dick Ward ("style stud and he-hunk hung like a sartorial clotheshorse") and Omaha Hi-Lo ("Queen of the Texas Hold-Em, known from Monte Carlo to The Strip this lady's got more hustle than Larry Flynt").


The Lovers
The French are at it again with their cooing and their flirting! Enjoy the sounds of the saucy, kitsch, and not a little tongue-in-cheek Marion Benoist and Fred de Fred, who are The Lovers.