Transcend is LA’s Career Fair for the Transgender Community

Today, the Los Angeles Trade Center is playing host to Transcend—a career fair specifically for the transgender community. With 80+ employers taking part (from Paramount to UCLA), the event was organized by social worker and trans rights advocate Jason Hill. Transcend is a crucial initiative; the statistics surrounding transgender people at work are astounding—from the unemployment rates, to treatment in the workplace, to income and beyond. Hill says his position as “passing as a ‘well-spoken black male'” is much easier than many trans people’s experiences, and tells PAPER, “The purpose of this is also to create an environment where trans people don’t have to be wondering if their voice is too deep, too high… If they have facial hair, if they don’t have facial hair, whether or not they’ve completed facial feminization surgery, what clothes to wear to the interview. They should know when they show up to this event that the employers present want to diversify their workplaces and actually want to have trans people there.” Read more at PAPER.