Transit Authority Figures Posters

by Noah Armstrong


Massachusetts-based Rob & Damia Design's Transit Authority Figures imagine fictional subway maps for real places, pointing out the lack of public transportation options.


A side project for the firm, each map outlines specific stops and color coded rail lines through quaint islands and vacations spots. Currently, posters focus on the Eastern Seaboard with destinations such as Cape Cod, Fire Island, the Hamptons, Martha's Vinyard, and Rehoboth/Ocean City making cheeky decor options for vacation homes there. But their formula of designing subway systems for unlikely and well-loved locations seems infinite, with college campuses and ski resorts in the works.


The obvious irony, a comment on how we conceive places, and some wishful thinking make for a winning combination. Imagine shaking the sand from a beach towel, hopping aboard a subway car and gripping a suspiciously slippery metal pole before dashing off at the next stop to dive back into the ocean.


The 18" x 24" posters are available at specialty shops along the East Coast and through their website for $20. T-shirts for the Martha's Vineyard subway system also sell through their website for $30.