Vulfpeck: Funky Duck

Funk band with a sense of humor Vulfpeck reached internet fame last year with “Sleepify,” an album made up of nothing but silent tracks and released on Spotify. Asking fans to play it on repeat before going to bed, the band ended up making around $19,655 for 5.5 million plays (roughly $0.005 per play) before Spotify removed it after seven weeks; Vulfpeck used the funds to support a tour of entirely free shows around the US. Their non-silent tracks, however, are also worth repeat sessions—and the band has just released their first full-length: the self-produced Thrill of the Arts. Watch the band have the best time playing in their music video for “Funky Duck,” (featuring the talented Antwaun Stanley behind the mic) as one YouTube commenter puts it: “A big funky sound straight outta grandma’s living room.”