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Watch the New York Academy of Art’s Tribeca Ball Program

To accompany the annual sale of work by hundreds of emerging artists at their beloved spring benefit known as the Tribeca Ball, the New York Academy of Art compiled a star-studded program that includes a tribute to fine artist Eric Fischl, as well as thoughtful advice to art students. Traditionally held among the academy’s halls (and within their art studios), the extravaganza took place online this year and is available for all to see. In addition to watching the 45-minute video, those interested can browse and buy the art—an act that sustains the institution, which was founded by artists (including Andy Warhol) in 1982. New art will be added online every Monday through 19 April and the work is on view through 2 May. Check it out at now.

Image courtesy of Ellie Kayu Ng, NYAA MFA 2021

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