UNICEF Create-A-Character Contest

Get crafty this Halloween with a contest designed to help feed children around the world

For many adults, Halloween triggers memories of toting around a plastic pumpkin in search of the season’s finest sugary snacks, but for some it recalls those classic UNICEF boxes used to collect change for children who not only won’t receive candy for the holiday, but who go every day without any food at all. In an effort to put a creative spin on UNICEF’s Trick-Or-Treat program this year, the altruistic non-profit is asking artists at all levels to participate in their first Create-A-Character contest. Simply decorate one of their blank cardboard boxes before 26 October for a chance to have your design included as one of three chosen for the limited edition 2013 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Box Collection.

unicef-kiji2.jpg unicef-kiji3.jpg

We asked the playful illustrator and graphic artist Mr. Kiji to do the honors on behalf of Cool Hunting, and while his simple marker design shows off his skills as an artist, it also expresses just how fun a little holiday creativity can really be, especially when it’s for a good cause. The money raised from the donations will assist in providing nutrition, clean water and education for the millions of kids around the world UNICEF strives to support.

Entering the Create-A-Character contest is as easy as ordering a blank box, putting your imagination to work and then snapping a photo of your final product before 26 October 2012. While we thoroughly feel personalizing a box is the best way to have a little Halloween fun, those with little time or a dominating left brain can still donate to the cause online at UNICEF.