“We, Women,” a Photo Project by Women and Gender Non-Conforming Artists

On Kickstarter now, the project amplifies art with underlying messages of activism

Presented by United Photo Industries and Women Photograph, We, Women funds and catalogs photo projects by women and gender non-conforming artists and photojournalists that address social, economic, racial, and political issues. For an industry with below average gender representation (just 15% of photojournalists are women, and 87% of the pieces in permanent collections are by white men) an organization like We, Women is necessary to broaden the types of people telling these visual stories, and also how they’re being told.

From “To Be At War” by Arin Yoon

Currently in its inaugural year, We, Women is seeking the necessary funds via a Kickstarter campaign to fuel 20 projects and a subsequent tour featuring works by selected photographers. Using community engagement as a jumping-off point for conversations about art consumption as well as garnering support for minority artists, the tour will exhibit the works and ideally leave a lasting impact.

From “Lady Bleu Devils” by Annie Flanagan and Ashley Teamer

“We, Women projects re-frame issues—primarily from the perspective of artists of color—and highlight underrepresented narratives that resist and interrogate social and political landscapes,” the campaign statement explains. “Despite decades of advances by trailblazing women photographers, mainstream media and art have historically shown the country through a white male lens. Diversifying the voices that tell our stories is imperative if we want to understand a more complete version of our reality and dismantle unjust power structures.”

From “The Workers Studio” by Sol Aramendi

Backing the project on Kickstarter bolsters We, Women’s mission, and could also support a new project or collection. For a pledge of $200, backers will receive a signed print by one of the organization’s co-founders, Daniella Zalcman, Danielle Villasana or Emily Schiffer. For $300, works by Katie Basile, Tailyr Irvine, Muna Malik (though limited to an edition of 10), and Deborah Espinosa are available. Larger works by Rowan Renee, Rosem Morton, and Koral Carballo are also on offer for $700. Addressing topics ranging from immigration to climate change, segregation and indigenous rights, the images are beautiful and powerful.

Hero image from “Between The Lines” by Rowan Renee, images courtesy of We, Women