Weather Report


Weather Report, the second eco-themed show at The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology in London, looks at the environment and the threats of climate change. A slight departure from the disposable themes in the first show Waste & the Natural World that we wrote about earlier this year, Weather Report is about the ephemeral, focusing on the sky, and more specifically, the clouds floating through it. The show features the work of two London-based artists Dawn Shorten and Kate Williams.

Inspired by the traditional landscape paintings of Constable, Turner and the Dutch Masters, Shorten makes beautiful monochromatic illustrations. Using gouache on drafting film, she tries to capture the transient and infinitely varying forms of clouds as they move across the sky. She says that, “it is an irresistible challenge for an artist to explore something which is so elusive and visually ambiguous to portray.â€

Kate Williams' work is more conceptual in form, using glass and light to "capture the fragility and movement of falling rain." Her glass raindrops hold distilled water and pulsing light, invoking impression of clouds, rain, and lightning storms. She says, "I attempt through the medium of glass, using my breath and gentle manipulation, to capture nature's elements."

Weather Report
25 April–24 May 2007
The Gallery @ Adventure Ecology HQ, 1
25 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H OEW
Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7758 4717