What We’re Listening to Now, Part One


Our ears have been hard at work here at Cool Hunting. Here's the latest of what Seth, Ami and Tim been listening to. Next up: Josh, Evan and Roseanna.


TV On The Radio: Live Session EP (iTunes Exclusive)
TV on the Radio has always been one of my favorites. With each new release they seem to recreate their sound, coming up with music that is wholly unique and original. In their latest EP, an exclusive live recording available only on iTunes, the band amazes me yet again with fresh new live recordings of their classic songs. An eclectic acoustic mix filled with the unique harmonizing voices the band is known for, these live tracks create a soundscape that is simply beautiful. Get it exclusively on iTunes.

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Copy: Hair Guitar & Mobius Beard
The brainchild of Marius Libman, Copy is a one man electronic masterpiece. Based out of Portland, on the Audio Dregs label, Copy's creations are simple with a lo-fi sound that's like something out of the sweetest video game you've never played. Like a crazy mixture of Timbaland and Ratatat, it's synth-hop electrohouse magic. I have yet to hear a Copy track I don't like. Available on iTunes or from Audio Dregs, also make sure to check out his other project, DJ Copy for some truly unique remixes of hip hop classics.

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Yacht: I Believe in You Your Magic is Real
Pop-happy beats and vocals add a level of accessibility to Yacht's trademark electro nerd core, but it's not just sing-along time on his third full length I Believe in You Your Magic is Real. The recently-released album gets better every time it's played, with Jona Bechtolt's (aka Yacht) virtuosity—from Krist Novoselic-worthy basslines to polished production values—shining in different ways on each track. It sounds as good on headphones (my current favorite walking soundtrack) as it does on the dance floor and is even better live. Catch Yacht for free 19 August 2007 as part of this summer's Jelly NYC concert series held in Brooklyn's McCarren Pool. Buy the album from Insound or iTunes.


Dirty Projectors: Rise Above
A concept album re-imagining Black Flag's Damaged from memory, Rise Above is a beautifully executed album that holds up under the weight of its somewhat lofty premise. Orchestral arrangements, complex instrumentation and experimental vocals make for an album that's intellectual and engaging, at times achingly romantic and at others as soulful and spot-on as Prince at his best. Produced by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, his influence shows in the offbeat harmonies and the subtle folk influences. Also not to be missed live, the band tours North America (with Yacht no less) starting this August. See dates here. Due out 11 September 2007, it will be available from Insound.



Duet For Guitars #2. Dusty and less polished than his more recent recordings with Merge, the songs are bare bones and crunchy at times. The vocal tracks don't sound as tired or gruff as his more recent albums but in the end it's still the sparse and beautiful M. Ward we all know.


Solo Andata: Fyris Swan
Off of the Hefty label, Solo Andata compellingly argues that electronic music is suppose to be warm and slow paced. Using loops of organic natural sounds and melding forms of jazz, folk and ambient genres, they compose distinct soundscapes in Fyris Swan, set to drop 25 July. Pastoral and cinematic, combined with the right mood, it can be a perfect selection.


Reggae Songbirds showcases some of the best woman in reggae, old school r&b and calypso. From well-known artist such as Marcia Griffiths to lesser known but equally impressive singers, the woman really show how it's done in the oftentimes male-dominated Reggae world. The female voice coupled with syncopated beats creates a textured sound that men just can't compete with.