A unique, tattoo-like process prints images on wood while preserving the natural grain


The concept of printing images on unconventional materials—be it food or fabric—has been around for years. Yet rarely do the results do the original image justice. California-based WoodSnap aims to prove wood is an answer with their 10-step tattoo-like printing process. By embedding the ink directly into the wood, the ply’s natural grain is still very much visible, creating a clear image that’s both washed out and vibrant. Thus, the printed image appears to be more in the wood, than on it. The unique—and somewhat secret—process creates a collaboration of sorts, allowing the woodgrain to add character to the image. For example, we love the way the grain plays so well with the wispy cirrus clouds in our test print.

WoodSnap-1.jpg WoodSnap-detail.jpg

After the image is printed—with water-based, sustainable inks—a smart treatment process actually strengthens the wood, making it moisture and heat-resistant. Prints can be made in a wide selection of sizes from 8″ x 8″ all the way up to 30″ x 40″ and range in price from $32 to $300. For more information on the creative process and to order visit WoodSnap.

Images by Graham Hiemstra