Your Grandparents: Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y.)

Your Grandparents—an LA-based trio composed of vocalists Chaz Carter and DaCosta and producer ghettoblasterman—blend retro-inflected funk and electronica on their fun single, “Pootie Tang (G.T.K.Y.).” The track grooves and glides on smooth, alto-leaning harmonies, nostalgic keys, claps and upbeat percussion, sounding both familiar yet decidedly new. “The inception of ‘Pootie Tang’ all started from a true story,” shares the three-piece. “Jean was walking to his car after taking some photos with the group when he saw a stick of gum placed on his car window above the door handle. It read, ‘I hope yo fine ass is single, cause I’m tryna get to know you’… and the rest is history.”