72 Hour Urban Action

The world's only real-time architecture competition improves urban life

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Swinging through NYC’s Center for Architecture this evening, the 72 Hour Urban Action USA roadshow will hold a presentation going over last year’s competition held in the city of Bat-Yam, just south of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

The 72 Hour Urban Action event is an international rapid architecture and design festival held every two years. Defined by a lack of time, space and funds, the efforts are directed to address the needs of the local community.


Now gearing up for its second edition, the competition brings 120 architects, students, designers, artists, and craftsman together from all over the world to form 10 teams. Each team has three days and three nights to design and build a project to address their randomly assigned, individual mission. As part of the festival, the goal is that finished projects remain a part of their surrounding urban community long after the competition ends.


The USA roadshow is ongoing throughout April 2011 with stops at Harvard University in Massachusetts and four more in California. For more information on the world’s first real-time architecture competition click here.