A Sneaker That Grows Edible Plants

From New York-based independent material designer Stella Harry Lee, the Mircogreen Shoe is a prototype sneaker that sprouts edible plants from its bacterial-grown synthetic material. The project consists of crocheted shoe uppers, which have successfully grown radishes and lettuce seeds through everyday use and exposure. While compelling and vibrant, the sneakers also conjure a dystopian future, where climate change has decimated factories and resources and people have to make their own products. In generating its own materials, the project critiques an industry of fashion brands that market themselves as sustainable without addressing—and actually perpetuating—issues of mass production. Though the Microgreen Shoe isn’t a complete solution to this, the prototype questions how materials are designed, championing a world that gets back to nature where people grow their own resources. Learn more about this project at MOLD.

Image courtesy of Stella Harry Lee/MOLD