Affected: Endangered Species Bulletin Boards

Save the planet, decorate, and organize in one fell swoop with new eco-chic cork boards


Barcelona-based studio Pöko Design‘ new bulletin boards do double duty—as both a place to pin up notes or bits of inspiration and as an important reminder in the form of a creative design in and of itself.

The cute series of animal cork boards adds a sober touch by depicting the diverse range of species directly under threat from climate change. Produced by Kikkerland (which means “frog land” in Dutch), the collection, called Affected, features a polar bear, a migratory songbird and, appropriately, a treefrog.


Designer Petz Scholtus tells us that each of these animals is already experiencing the effects of rising global temperatures on their natural habitats. “The thinning ice at the Arctic Circle leaves fewer places for both the polar bears to hunt. Songbirds are particularly sensitive to both temperature and their habitats, so warmer seasons worldwide may mean that you won’t be hearing some of those old familiar songs in years to come. International trade, deforestation and climate change causes the spread of the chytrid fungus, which causes chytridiomycosis and it has virtually made tree frogs extinct.”

Sad as the decline of these three is, the unbelievable truth is extinction currently threatens over 17,000 species. Arriving at a time when the recent Gulf oil spill’s horribly large reminder drives home the point that human actions can cause great environmental damage.

Not only the form of the boards but also their material reminds us of the importance of biodiversity. Explains Scholtus, “By using cork, we keep the cork oak forests alive, one of the most sustainable natural habitats and home of several endangered species with the highest level of biodiversity in southwest Europe and northwest Africa.” What’s more, 2% of the boards’ proceeds will be donated to Tree-Nation to fight desertification, climate change, poverty, and CO2 emissions by planting more trees in the world.


No one likes to be beaten on the head with an eco-stick, so we appreciate the Affected bulletin boards for their simple beauty and their quiet daily “memo to self” that we need to watch what we’re doing to our planet.

The bulletin boards sell for $20 each from Kikkerland.