DIY biology inspires algae-based design

This year the clear movement at the London Design Festival was design concepts derived from biology. With a push by the Global Color Research, London’s premier color and trend forecasting agency, “Botanics” has made it’s way onto the design scene, defined as a vibrant celebration of natural color, well-being and references to organic forms in design and architecture.

Designer and materiologist Marin Sawa perfectly illustrates the practice of the nature-derived theme with her Algaerium projects that explores color creation through the chain reaction produced by algae and light. Using her home biology lab, Sawa practices techniques she’s learned from molecular gastronomy chefs to engineer her own custom species of algae. Working with the bacteria allows her to create living surfaces and textiles by cultivating and producing green energy.

The photosynthetic metabolism produces a unique color system that responds and evolves to natural surroundings, resulting in a range of striking greens to bioluminescent algae.

Sawa’s intricate work shows a deep and complex approach toward creative green design. Her soft structure forms are currently available, and she will soon be launching mini-necklaces produced by this photosynthetic method. For inquires about products contact Marin directly at her site.