Art and Cook Kitchen Tools


Inspired by Nike Air technology, Art and Cook's O2 line of kitchen tools features patent-pending handles with ergonomic air pockets strategically positioned to protect hands from stresses and pressure. Made from either zinc or titanium the tools have a well-balanced heft, transforming tough kitchen tasks into more pleasurable experiences.

Other innovations, like the open wheel with a nylon sleeve on their "Pizza Wheelie" solves the age-old pizza cutting problem by making it a one-cut operation. Other favorites include the highly-effective nubby design of the citrus reamer (left) and the coencentric whisks in varying shapes designed for specific purposes.

From the same duo behind Art and Cook: Love Food, Live Design, Dream Art, the utensils fuse cooking, design and art and come in a variety of colors. Several items from the 49-piece line are available from Macy's.