TVS Esprit Skillets


TVS, the Italian cookware company who produced their first skillet in 1968 and have gone on to achieve the highest standards of production technology and quality, launched their eye-catching Esprit line of aluminum nonstick skillets last year.

Available in three different sizes and with a matte or glossy finish, the Esprit line comes in both solid colors— including shades of lilac, aqua green, hot pink, light mint and many others—and patterns. The patterns, numbering upwards of 20, truly nail down some of the hottest trends in contemporary design: floral, 60s, optical, paisley, stripes, and even Victorian. For the esthete and foodie, the Espirit line adds a style accent to an already carefully furnished kitchen. Select styles (unfortunately not all) are available at Target, very reasonably priced at $13.

by Tacita Vero