Handmade Towels: Rikumo

Brightly hued and tightly woven, these Japanese towels only get softer with time


The new year has us updating our old routines around the house, and fresh linens seem like one of the easiest ways to make a clean start. This week, we've gathered up five beautifully crafted towels to help spruce up the bath and get us going on cold mornings. Our second selection is the Yoshii Towel by Rikumo.

Handwoven in Imabari, Japan, a town known for its linens, the Yoshii towel is a delightful combination of traditional and contemporary. What makes the Yoshii special is the treatment of the cotton, which undergoes an intricate massaging and twisting technique and minimal chemical processing. This unique process, common in Imabari, not only makes the towels exceptionally absorbent and quick-drying, but also surprisingly soft. Practical and luxurious, these cheerfully colored, two-tone towels only get better with time.

Priced between $10-$57 depending on size, Yoshii towels are available exclusively on Rikumo.

Images by Kat Herriman