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Autoban: Form. Function. Experience.

Istanbul’s design studio releases a book documenting their most impressive work since starting in 2003

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As arguably the fourth largest city in the world, Istanbul is a cultural hub of Turkey—and the region. For exactly this reason, it’s also the home of Autoban, the highly admired design studio (founded in 2003 by Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar) known for creating furniture, interior atmospheres and architecture in a unique style that’s equal parts Asian and European, traditional and modern. To celebrate the studio’s ever-growing list of acclaimed projects, Gestalten recently released “Form. Function. Experience.” The book details a wide range of projects found in significant cities around the world—from airport interiors in Turkey and Azerbaijan to residences in Milan and restaurants in Madrid. By allowing each and every project to be influenced by the native region’s rich heritage and contemporary culture, Autoban creates and populates inspiring spaces that capture attention and establish a firm sense of purpose and prestige.


Through 320 pages of full-bleed images and sectional renderings with individualized project descriptions, the linen-wrapped hardcover book is more than worthy of even the most well-populated coffee tables. Find more images from Gestalten online, where the book sells for $78.

Photos by Graham Hiemstra


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