Holiday Gift Guides 2018: Art Nerds

Photography, architecture, graphic design and everything between, all in our favorite arty books this season

Whether it’s visiting studio spaces, frequenting local galleries, bouncing between international art fairs or simply looking up and admiring a building, passion for art and design forms COOL HUNTING’s foundation. No matter where you are in the world, art is around. But to have art in your own home is truly a gift. We’re not all able to afford the pieces we covet, but books about our favorite genres, artists, designers, buildings, styles, or photographers are a way to surround ourselves with beauty. Further, the pages and pages of history and insight serve to educate and fuel our insatiable curiosity. With books spanning photography, architecture, design and more, our Art Nerds Gift Guide will have something for everybody. For non-book presents, take a look at our full BUY section.