The Bike Porter

Copenhagen Part's innovative twist on the classic bicycle basket


As part of a research project for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, the New York-based design studio NR 2154 and the Danish company Goodmorning Technology came together to create an integrated bike scheme for the city. Starting from the ground up, the studios set about creating a bike built for city riding. During their initial research, the designers discovered that the baskets on public bicycles were often the first part to be damaged. Their solution would be to hybridize the handlebar and the basket into one comprehensive part otherwise known as the Bike Porter.

By integrating the handlebars and a basket, the Bike Porter enables one to maintain a streamlined look with the added benefit of storage. Made of heat-treated aluminum alloy, the Bike Porter is designed to be both lightweight and strong. Designed with city riding in mind, the frontal basket can hold up to 30 pounds, the perfect size for your groceries or your gym bag. Built to be easily affixed to any bike, the porter can be attached to any two part stem.

copenhagenparts_5.jpg copenhagenparts_4.jpg

Following their research in NYC, the leaders on the project patented their invention and founded the company Copenhagen Parts. “As bike lovers we saw a hole in the market for great and innovative bike parts that were aimed at the lifestyle segment of the biking industry,” says Mads Damkjaer, one of Copenhagen Parts’ founders. “Our main idea and vision was, and is, to create radical behavior change in the way we think, and rethink, our urban mobility and infrastructures and to promote a biking culture as bikes imbue our cities with new meaning and make us healthier, happier and more connected than a car ever could,” he adds. The Bike Porter is just one part of Copenhagen Part’s vision.


The Bike Porter comes in a variety of colors and can be purchase for $199 online at Mission Bicycle.