Best of the Brooklyn Flea: Counter Evolution Bowling Alley Furniture


by Laurice Parkin

After several visits by our small army of NY-based contributors, today we bring you a few of the best we found at the new Sunday morning ritual of Brooklyn, the Malone1.jpg


Malone, a self-claimed "inept bowler" is actually a musician and songwriter by trade. "But, I've always loved turning old found objects into something unexpected, and I've always built things. When I decided to build a log home several years ago, I loved the look of real logs on the interior walls, but I didn't want to make it too rustic. So, I decided to add elements of modern design to the interior—concrete, stainless steel, etc. That's what I'm trying to accomplish with my bowling alley pieces—giving this great old wood a new, contemporary look."

In addition the the Brooklyn Flea, you can see the Counter Evolution Collection at the DUMBO showroom by appointment (call +1 718 512 5285). Custom work is also available.

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