Bhold Design’s Heat Buffering Bholdable Tumbler

Charming 3D-printed ceramic cups that keep liquids hot and fingers cool


No traditional method could produce bhold design‘s ceramic bholdable tumbler. But, thanks to the wonders of 3D printing, its beautiful and unique shape can be crafted without molds or ceramic wheels. The three perforations on its side are more than just charming design flourishes; they’re ventilation holes. Founder Susan Taing wanted a way to sip espresso or sake without clutching a tiny handle. After experiments, feedback and multiple developmental versions, the bholdable tumbler was born. While the concept already exists in glass, this is the first time it’s been executed in ceramic.

Taing explains to CH, “All of our products start as problems to solve.” She made a list of everyday frustrations and cross-checked it with “what made sense in the context of 3D printing.” Some of bhold’s array of products went through almost 100 prototypes before being finalized, all in an effort to find perfection. With her tumbler, a dual wall structure creates a pocket of air between where fingers rest and what the liquid touches. Each tumbler holds about 1.5 ounces of liquid, so—solving Taing’s problem—it’s a perfect size for a shot of espresso in the morning or some hot sake at night.

The bholdable tumbler is available online for $69, or in store at NYC’s Museum of Art and Design.

Photos by David Graver