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Bookman Cup Holder

The celebrated Swedish brand releases a cup holder for bike and coffee enthusiasts


With spring on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, bicycles are beginning to be dusted off after their long hibernation; and to coincide, Stockholm-based Bookman has developed the logically named Cup Holder—a simple and attractive way to help city cyclists that also happen to be coffee enthusiasts.

Cup Holder is a collaboration between Bookman and fellow Swedes, PeoplePeople, and the partnership has bought some cunning design considerations, making the product more than just a pretty face. “I met Martin Willers at the PechaKucha we were speaking at. He said they were interested in doing a bike project and we shared some interesting ideas,” says Bookman’s Johan Lidehäll.

BookmanCupHolder-03a.jpg BookmanCupHolder-03b.jpg

It seems that the collaboration was an easy ride for all involved, Bookman bringing their expertise from the cycle world and PeoplePeople adding their materials and product lifecycle skills to make the well-balanced product. The result is a deceptively simple design; free from glue and screws yet oozing minimalist lines and design-forward aesthetics.


Functionally-speaking, two different sized loops support a coffee cup, while the holder snaps securely onto the handlebars with a rubberised clip to prevent scratching. The design’s simplicity also means that (as with Bookman’s smart bike lights) it can be easily removed. The two loops are pre-sprung steel so the cation is akin to an office bulldog clip. There’s also a small “storage cube” included in the package which slots into place when not in use to keep everything flat and tidy, giving the item a decorative twist. But, if riders are ever ready to part with their holder, each piece can be pulled apart and recycled with similar materials.

Bookman’s Cup Holder is released today and is available online in red, green, black or white for $39.

Images courtesy of Bookman


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