The Bookman Light

Cycle safely with tiny removable lights from a new Stockholm design studio


Copenhagen may have nearly a half million commuters cycle through each day, but there are many other pockets of Scandinavia where bicycles are popular. In Stockholm, riding without a bell or horn is subject to fines—tickets for riding without brakes are even higher and when winter hits, police target cyclists riding without lights. Fortunately, where there are bikes, there are those who love them and who create great, simple items for other like-minded cyclists.


Enter Bookman, an up-and-coming design studio of bike-lovers, inspired by personal experiences and astute observation. “Biking is the number one way for Swedish students to get around, but the majority of them are riding in the dark for half of the year,” explains founders Victor Kabo, David Axelsson and Fredrik Lindström. Their solution is an affordable, stylish light that’s easily removed so it won’t get pinched by light-fingered passersby.


Recently-released, the Bookman Light has already been picked up by a number of retailers thanks to its super-simple closure system, durable design and enticing array of colors. A minimal re-design of an old Swedish bicycle lighting system, the simple block shape (which always works well in simple primary colors) has a grooved underside so it fits snugly on a seatpost or handlebar with an elastic cord and rubber button. Like Knog lights, the long-lasting LED bulb runs on a small, replaceable battery, allowing you to easily detach and slip the whole light into your pocket.

The lights sell online from Bookman, Colette and The Standard Shop for around $25.

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