Building a Smarter Bedroom

A Philippe Starck-designed thermostat, techno-luxe mattress, smart humidifier and more

Sponsored by Simmons

It’s no secret technology is still entering each and every portion of our lives. From wearables to a smart cup that knows exactly what you’re drinking, the future of technology aims to not only help us keep track of our own biometrics, but also help bolster them by building a better quality of living within the home as well. While innovation is king, comfort needn’t be compromised—and many companies are doing their best to combine luxury with technology for the perfect product. Here are seven offerings currently available that focus on making your bedroom a smarter and more luxurious place to sleep.

Sleepbot-app1.jpg Sleepbot-app2.jpg
Sleepbot App

One of the biggest barriers to getting a good night’s sleep is interrupted REM cycles—the state in which your body and mind are most relaxed, when memories are moved from short-term to long-term and dreams take place. Sleepbot monitors your sleep using the latest motion-based technology to inform you how much sleep you got, and of what quality. With longitudinal data one can see trends and habits forming, and with Sleepbot’s actionable recommendations you’ll be empowered to optimize your slumber. Plus, the app silences your phone to avoid late night calls and, to do away with groggy mornings once and for all, the alarm wakes you during light sleep. Find more info from Sleepbot online.


Nimbus Smart Dashboard

The ideal nightstand device for those reluctant to put down their phone, the Nimbus Smart Dashboard offers a sleek way to stay in touch with the digital world without getting out of bed. Much more than just a handsome alarm clock, the intelligent dashboard tracks and displays up to four quantifiable categories in real-time, providing an easy analysis of your email volume, upcoming commute time, weather, recent social media updates and even FitBit statistics—all easily viewed with just a glance. Find more information from Nimbus.


Beautyrest Black

For a quality night’s sleep, one must start with the foundation. And the Beautyrest Black delivers all one could need in a mattress. Luxe fabric on the exterior hints at the level of engineering underneath. Inside, the Advanced Pocketed Coil technology provides conforming back support while the brand’s proprietary memory foam infused with micro-diamonds relieves back pressure and conducts heat away from the body, assisting in a cool, comfortable sleep. Find out more at Beautyrest online.

Ingo-Dew-drops-1.jpg Ingo-dew-drops-2.jpg
Dew Drops by Ingo Maurer

With a lifetime of experience designing some of the most innovative LED and O-LED lighting systems to date—some so fantastic they exist only in private art collections—Ingo Maurer is a design force to be reckoned with in terms of aesthetics and technology. His Dew Drops lights are a perfect example. Made of a single transparent sheet of plastic with integrated LEDs, the draping lights are at once cold and industrial and warm and sculptural. Indeed, the dim-able lights would be at home in any environment.

netatmo-1.jpg netatmo-2.jpg
Netatmo Thermostat by Philippe Starck

Thanks to the Nest, the idea of a smart thermostat is no longer a foreign idea. And thanks to celebrity designer Philippe Starck, we now have another excellent option in the space. The Starck-designed Netatmo adapts to your habits, saving energy when you’re away and predicting when heat or AC is needed based on information drawn from household insulation and outside temperatures. And, of course, you’re free to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world with the smartphone app. Find out more specifics on the sleek thermostat directly from Netatmo.


Smart Bedding

A self-proclaimed solution to the issue of tangled and bunched sheets, Smart Bedding connects your top sheet to your duvet with a few sleek clasps. The unique connection system allows you to keep your bed in order, without restricting movement. And if you get too warm during the night, the two separate with minimal effort. And when connected, making your bed is as easy as straightening out your duvet.


Roolen Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Arguably the most attractive humidifier on the market, Roolen‘s smart, stout, ultrasonic Breath humidifier is as elegant as an iMac and as easy to use as an iPhone. With a 3.15L water capacity—netting 24 hours of run time on auto—and a single button responsible for all commands, Breath detects humidity levels in the room and automatically adjusts output to match the needs of the environment—even when you’re away. The well-considered device emits a cool mist in a nice, effective consistency. Available in black and white colorways, visit Roolen online for more information.

Images courtesy of their respective brands