CH Gift Guide: Kids and Pets

Feline turntables, Hello Kitty plants and toy skate soldiers from the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

The may be short in stature, but you still need to give them presents. (If you’ve ever tried to shortchange a well behaved toddler or a treat-deserving terrier, you know what we mean). Kids and pets can be a troubling demographic for both parents and masters, which is why we’ve created an entire category in our annual Holiday Gift Guide to ease the task. See below a handful of highlights for the little ones.

Drawing Machine

Seemingly a random amalgam of parts, Drawing Machine claims to unleash your inner Picasso with just an oak cotton reel, felt tip pin and a bit of cotton wax. Once assembled, the gizmo creates wild abstract designs with a single roll across the canvas.

Toy Boarders

In lieu of green army men, these toy soldier-style plastic skateboarders expand your child’s imagination when any surface becomes a skatepark.

Hello Kitty Chia Pet

Sanrio one-ups the quintessential office gift with this kawaii kitty, which grows in 1-2 weeks and includes seeds for up to three plantings. Adored by children everywhere, a Hello Kitty Chia Pet is a perfect starter for kids who want to develop a green thumb without the stress of traditional gardening.

Kid’s Paper Placemat Disguises

Get silly at the dinner table with these illustrated placemats that double as paper disguises for kids and adults alike to punch out, color in and wear as masks.

Cat Scratch DJ Deck Toy

Don’t be surprised when you set up Suck UK’s Cat DJ Scratching Deck and find out that Kitty’s scratching is far better than yours. This deck comes flat-packed and folds together with a poseable tone arm and a top that spins as your cat paws at it.

Rogz Grinz

South African designer Porky Hefer pleases dogs and adults alike with Rogz Grinz, a hilarious throw toy that turns your pup’s mouth into an ear-to-ear grin.

Bamboo Lounge Bed

Let pooch kick up his paws in a velvet-soft pet bed featuring a custom floral print by San Francisco artist Alicia Pompei, a reversible interior cushion and eco-friendly filler made from post-consumer recycled bottles.

Ware of the Dog

Riffing off of ubiquitous yard signs that read “Beware of the Dog,” Ware of the Dog is a line of clothing for fashionable canines. Designs include colorful merino jacquard and luscious alpaca fur for a second coat. The company also cleverly breaks down their online sizing chart by breed.