CH Omakase 2017: Jill Platner Bronze Nugget Keychain + Sandstone Blue Bracelet

Two beautiful accessories by jewelry designer and sculptor, in unique variations

It takes a mastermind to produce something so surreal that is appears to be born of nature itself—though equally alien in nature. In many ways this describes the sculptural work and jewelry of Jill Platner, an artist and designer we’ve long admired. Platner frequently brings biomorphism into her designs. Together, we created a bracelet, a variation on one of her newest designs, in an up shade of blue exclusively for Omakase. For its striking beauty, there’s also a reflection perhaps on the vertebral column, but of something both known and unknown.

Platner is a friend and one we like to wax poetic about, especially when things happen by chance. Years ago she admired the shards of metal that were the byproduct of her sculptural process and cast a few to make sterling silver keychains. For Omakase we chose “Nugget I” to make in bronze, exclusively for us. They’re simple—and simply distinct.

CH Omakase is a collection of never seen before, pre-release and collaboratively designed gifts delivered in time for a holiday surprise. You can see our collection from this past season here.

Images by Cool Hunting