JP Hitch

Jill Platner's latest bracelet design—inspired by the utility cord used to hang her last sculpture show


When hanging her sculpture show this past spring, Jill Platner became enamored with the strength, weightlessness and feel of the marine rope she carefully re-wove to elegantly suspend her work. That inspiration led to this fall’s newest item in her jewelry collection, the JP Hitch.

The classic JP Clasp has been refined and simplified without compromising its distinction. To seamlessly affix the clasp to the marine rope the cord is folded over and braided back in to itself. All of the nature-loving jewelry designer’s pieces are created to live with the wearer through everyday use and by virtue of her strong aesthetic this new line plays perfectly with her more classic pieces.


Working with the high-strength marine rope has enabled Jill to break in to bolder, brighter colors with the Hitch. And while the material is a synthetic, it feels natural to the wearer and develops a unique character by slightly fading as it wears in over time.

The Hitch comes in sizes for men and women as well as a much longer “wrap” version that, while meant to be a bracelet, can also be worn around the neck.

The JP Hitch is available for $225 (or $255 for the wrap) at the Jill Platner store at 113 Crosby St or at