Knoll introduces an online hub for Generation chair fans to express their personal work-style


In today’s digital workspace, a good chair has become essential for those without in-office masseurs to soothe the cricks and cramps that come from prolonged periods at a desk. To really understand how people use their chairs at work, Knoll launched myGeneration, an online hub where people can share their individual work styles and experiences using Knoll’s ergonomic Generation chair.


Users begin by creating a Knoll profile, giving basic info, then explaining their workstyle and inspiration, and finally creating a personal tagline. They can also upload up to five action shots of how they use their chair, showing whether they’re a fan of swiveling, feet on the desk or a hardcore, hunched-over typist.


An entertaining and informative way to see people in their working environments, check out myGeneration online, where you can also click to purchase a customized Generation chair for $776.