Six Handbuilt Bikes

Thanks to the ever-rising global trend, we're seeing more and more custom-made, one-off or otherwise tricked-out bikes. For those who want a bike with a unique story behind it, we rounded up a few covetable rides.

Renovo Wooden Bikes
Smooth and stiff, the hollowed-out these hardwood bikes' high-tech capabilities are as remarkable as their elegant appearance. Portland-based Renovo uses computer-aided machines to create the sustainable frames and finishes them by hand with wood personally selected by each customer. Prices begin at $2300, check their website for ordering information.

via momentum-small.jpg

Momentum Bikes
Artist and designer Matt W. Moore of Momentum hand-painted a limited series of five Traitor Ringleader frames, sealed with a protective clear coat. His love of cycling led him to create one-of-a-kind bike frames that reflect his equally immense passion for design. The Ringleaders run $1,200 a pop.

Ateliers d'Embellie
The entirely handmade Ateliers d'Embellie “porteur bike†mixes leather crafting with urban style. The Schwable Delta Cruiser tires keep you rolling on cobble stone streets while the detachable flask keeps its rider rolling after a long ride. Contact the man behind luxury-low-2.jpg


Luxury Lowrider
The Luxury Lowrider reworks vintage bikes, adding playful options like banana seats and handlebar streamers on antique Schwinn frames. Options range from basic to elaborate with prices spanning $500 to $5,000 depending on how detailed the bike. Contact Luxury Lowrider to place an order.


Fast Boy Cycles Fast Boy Cycles builds bikes to the customer's preference—micro-managing the project does cost extra—beginning with fillet brazed or lugged frames. Wooden handlebars and baskets add to the overall charm of the seat-optional bike (above left). Frames begin at $2,000, contact Fast Boys to place an order.

Republic Bikes
Providing an array of options, Republic custom-designed single speed bikes allow the rider to choose between fixed or free, among a multitude of color combinations. A simple and affordable bike that truly expresses individuality, Republic bikes are available on their website or through Urban Outfitters for $400.