Cycloc’s Endo Wall Mount Bicycle Hanger

A clever, two-piece system for storing your bike inside

Cycloc-Endo-install.jpg Cycloc-Endo-locked.jpg

In recent months, we’ve seen a few clever solutions to bicycle storage—from the sculptural copper Stasis to CLUG‘s 3D printed clip, though neither are readily accessible at the moment. Cycloc’s Endo is, however. The two part system hooks the front wheel and supports the rear as both lie flat against the wall in an appealing vertical position. And, when not in use, the device lays flat against the wall, drawing minimal attention from your room’s more considered decor—that is, unless you purchase one of the seven colors other than white or black. Made of a durable polypropylene, Endo works with conventional locks and is capable of supporting bikes up to 15 kilograms in weight, and up to 20 kilograms with the assistance of the floor as a third contact point.

Since 2006, London design studio Cycloc has offered numerous clever, colorful designs to solve various interior storage solutions, among other things. Visit their site for a closer look at the Eurobike award-winning Endo vertical storage unit, where it sells for £40.

Images courtesy of Cycloc