Das Programm

A comprehensive online source for Dieter Rams' iconic designs for Vitsoe and Braun

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While doing some Vienna vintage shopping we recently came across the Braun 308 turntable, a harmless discovery that led to a maddening online search for iconic designs by Dieter Rams once home. After clicking from one corner of the internet to another we were introduced to Das Programm, a comprehensive resource exclusively selling designs by the hugely influential industrial designer for Vitsoe and under his guise at Braun. The unique e-retailer is dedicated to—as the site states—”offering some of the most desirable and important examples of Twentieth Century industrial design, until now largely unobtainable without travel or risk of e-auction frustration.”

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Divided into two sections, Braun electronics and Vitsoe, Das Programm gives access to a variable treasure trove of industrial design artifacts both iconic and seemingly unknown. Case in point, under the Braun division one can find the Braun T 50 radio, archival litho prints and even an ashtray. It is important to note however, that while the Vitsoe section exclusively features designs penned by the man himself, the Braun electronics portion offers a finely curated selection of designs produced by Rams and others during his 40 year reign as Director of the Design Department at the electronics powerhouse.

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While Rams’ 10 principals for good design have been instilled in all of us time and time again, this exciting—for us design nerds—opportunity to peruse countless physical examples is truly something else. Plus, with each product, Das Programm directors Peter Kapos and Chris Ireson attempt to provide relevant historical references, product details and notes on their development relation to other significant products from the two brands.

Visit Das Programm online directly to learn more about their expansive archives and to spend next month’s rent on a perfectly designed record player, or if you’re just looking to impress some coworkers when hosting this year’s holiday party Das Programm offers select items for hire.

Images by Das Programm